3 guys, 1 band - (usually)

About the Chihuahuas

The Dashboard Chihuahuas were hatched in the long-long ago
on a 4th of July in the great
"Battle of the Beer-Soaked Beatle-Boots."
Hand stamped out of chunks of solid titanium,
they can withstand the heat of a thousand suns
- but prefer air-conditioning.

Current Chihuahuas


Vox / Bass / Keys / Guitar

Long an afficianado of deadly viper-venom
hand-milked from deadly venom-vipers -
He brings a looming and menacing presence to the stage.

Actually, that's some other guy I'm thinking of.


Vox / Guitar / Keys / Bass 

Is this on?


I love that my sister is in this picture.

I thought she was dancing...

She was looking
at the spider on the ceiling.


Vox / Drums / Percussion / Stuff

After many years of touring, Mr Belisle
( he makes us call him that )
was voted Mustache Magazine's
"Man of the Year"
but was disqualified due to
tainted drug screenings and charges of
3rd degree badger-bothering,

Mr Belisle's favorite quote:
"This interview is over now."

Past/Present/Future Chihuahuas

Richard Gollwitzer 

Vox / Drums / Percussion / Guitar

One of the founding members of the Chihuahuas
Enigmatic man of mystery, what exactly IS his job?
Even he doesn't know.

Last seen "somewhere" in "South Florida"
Presumed fed

He might be there when you see us next
- who can say?? 


Drums / Percussion 

"Bring it - on three"

The drumming machine!

Last seen wandering the earth
performing good deeds
armed only with his skill in Kung Fu.

He might be there when you see us next
- who can say??

Chi - Chi


Was busted selling fake "moon rocks"
to the "tourists"
beside a "Mexican Pyramid"

Favorite quote:
"Not THAT Keith Richards... - the other one !"

Currently awaiting trial for:
3rd degree Monkey Mugging,
1st degree Parrot Popping.
Donkey-Dipping on a Tuesday.
Getting "Malcom in the Middle" canceled.

Right-said-ing Fred - 'nuff said.

Chi Chi adamantly denies these
and a "host" of other charges.

Currently "ensconced" in the
Maricopa County lock-up

Relationship status:
" It's complicated "


JD hosting Open mic/Open Jam at Little Village

Aug 14 & 21     1-4

Dashboard Chihuahuas Live!            Little Village

Aug 27   6-9

JD hosting Open mic/Open Jam at Little Village

Sept 4     1-4

Dashboard Chihuahuas Live!            Little Village

Sept 10   6-9

JD hosting Open mic/Open Jam at Little Village

Sept 11 & 25     1-4


Your place !!


Your other place over there !!!

Special guest - Mother's Finest 


Flabby Betty's Boof Haus

( Children's Matinee )


Great Wall of China ( 3 nights )

Special guests - Uncle Phred - Cheap Trick - Mother's Finest - John Stamos



Special guest - Cheap Trick


Great Wall Deli, Sheyboygan

Special guests - Cheap Trick AND Mother's Finest           OMFG !!!!


Eiffel Tower Pizzaria, Lower Sheyboygan

Special guest - Uncle Phred's Barber, Sal Manila

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