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Public Eye Soar is a free show, but is NOT free to produce.
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Soar 2022 Performances

Friday, November 11th - Main Stage (Amelia Center)

6:00pm SHOW GRAND OPENING with Mosley Marching Band

7:00pm Bobbie Massey Dancers

7:30pm Panama City Belly Dance

8:00pm Cowboy Caleb Stevens

Satellite Stage
6-10pm Loyal Customers

Saturday, November 12th - Main Stage (Amelia Center)

6:00pm SHOW OPEN with Singing Commodores

6:30pm Daniel Schultz

7:00pm Bobbie Massey Dancers

7:30pm The Parvanas Belly Dance

8:00pm GCSC Jazz Band

8:30pm Daniel Schultz

6-9 Fri & Sat - Live Art w/Jacob Mesick
The Library

Live Doodlers - Friday, November 11th

6-7 Paulette Perlman

7-8 Heather Drost

8-9 Morgan Summers

9-10 Brianna Bennett

Live Doodlers - Saturday, November 12th

6-7 Megan Mueller

7-8 Angel D. Cervantes “Art Angel”

8-9 Heather Parker + Terry Knight

9-10 Heather Parker

6-9 Fri & Sat
"Ben Orr Presents" - Rosenwald Building

6-9 Fri & Sat - Popup suprises!





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