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Public Eye Soar
Projection Festival

November 11 /12 - 2022 6-10 p.m.
Gulf Coast State College Campus
Panama City, Florida

Since 2014 we have featured the work of hundreds of artists from 45+ countries
What Should You Enter?

Photos • Animation • Short Films • Live Performance
Drawings • Paintings • Interactive Exhibits • Sculpture
What's YOUR Idea?


  • YOU - (The artist)
    1 - MUST own all copyrights to all material submitted.
    2 - WILL retain ALL rights to your work (except noted below)
  • WE - (Public Eye Soar)
    1 - Reserve the right to use photos/video taken at the event in our future promotions for other Eye Soar events.
    2 - Will air submitted material during the projection festival only.
    3 - Will never release any raw files "into the wild" and will destroy them after the festival upon request.
    4 - Will never bug you with emails, maybe 4 or 5 a year.
    5 - Will never sell or distribute your email in any way without your permission.
    6 - We MAY have to crop/rotate/adjust your images to suit/fit the surface being projected upon.

    ANY subject will be considered - keep in mind that Public Eye Soar is a all-ages, free public event
    ALL decisions to air any piece (or not) are made solely by Public Eye Soar


Anyone! It's free to enter, and free to attend. This is our gift to the arts community.

Attendance at the show by presenting artists is always invited, but never required.
Currently we do not provide travel stipends for visiting artists.

The Attendees of Public Eye Soar vote during the show for their favorite artists.
These "Audience Favorites" will receive monetary prizes. (Paypal for international artists)

A suggested number of photos would be 10-20, We will be glad to build a slideshow for you.
Any number of photos, or slideshow length will be considered.

Send your Large size pictures 3-4 at a time to:
NO Dropbox - NO Google Shared Drive

Other (free) options : (up to 2gb) or (up to 10gb)
Send the transfer to

Recommended Sizes/ Formats :
Jpeg / Png - "Large" or "Original Size" - 72 dpi or higher   SUPER DUPER Hires images not needed.   Yes - you can put a small watermark on images.

Movie Lengths: Ideally 1-10 minutes, all lengths considered.
You can send movie files via a free filetransfer service such as: (up to 2gb)  or (up to 10gb)
OR - send us a download link to:

Recommended Sizes : 1920x1080 (Landscape) / 1080x1920 (Portrait)
Recommended Formats : .mp4 .mpeg .mov .h264 24fps/30fps

Past shows have featured: JD's Funhouse • Megalegalopolis • "Astronomy Live" • Watercolor demonstrations • Live Doodlers
"Video Mapping 101" • "Worlds Largest Pinball Machine?" • "The Laser Room" • Lazer Drumz • Sand Art • Puppets

If you would like to present a interactive exhibit at Public Eye Soar, please contact us
as far in advance of the show as possible at:

Public Eye Soar is a very small - and free festival, with an extremely tight budget.
We DO NOT have the resources to sponsor travel for live performances. ( one day maybe... )
We DO occasionally commission specific works and performances.     Contact us with your ideas.

Past Public Eye Soars have included:
* Hooping Performances • Belly Dancers • Live EDM music • Generative soundscapes •
Live Astronomy • "Butterfly Kisses" • Doodlers • Blacklight Painting • What's YOUR idea?
If you would like to present a live performance at Public Eye Soar, please contact us
 as far in advance of the show as possible at

Would you like to be a volunteer for Public Eye Soar?       We would LOVE your help!

You get:
- undying love and gratitude.
- pride in helping support a very unique event.
- a super rare ultra limited edition "I helped create a Public Eye Soar" t-shirt.
- access to "the munchie lounge"

To volunteer, please contact us as far in advance of the show as you can at


Submissions for Soar 2022 will begin soon!
Deadline for entries
September 30, 2022 @12:00 Midnight CST USA

Countdown to Soar!

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