Help create
Public Eye Soar

We need YOUR help to put on Public Eye Soar and keep it a free event.

Each show requires months of prep work such as.... (big breath)
Contacting artists, editing hundreds of videos, wrangling volunteers, pulling permits, asking favors of the power company, the city, our neighbors, our landlord, the police, printing t-shirts, shooting artist's work for them, landscaping, site testing, electrical upgrades,
projector wrangling and rental, site-prep, construction, tv and radio segments, and on and on and on....

Each Public Eye Soar currently costs about $12,000 to produce.
Most of this money is provided by our company - The Public Eye and our lovely sponsors.

Each year we have received more donations than the year before as the arts community has rallied around the banner of Soar.

While this show is our free gift to the community, we cannot do it alone, and cannot do it forever.

We could use your help - please donate to the cause via our GoFundMe page using the button below

thank you!
Margaret & JD - founders, Public Eye Soar Projection Festival

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